• Evolve Lubricants Inc. launches high performance non-petroleum motor oils for racing and street cars
  • Based on cutting-edge technology for superior performance and protection without the use of petroleum
  • Products will be available in wide range of viscosities for race cars and street cars

The PTH Racing Oil brand created by Rick Lee and Thomas Kirkham of Evolve Performance Products LLC has been discontinued. Evolve Lubricants, our new company, is pleased to announce an upgraded line of world-leading lubricating products.


Continuing in the tradition of supplying the world’s finest and greatest race cars with the very best engine oils, Evolve Lubricants has created high performance non-petroleum, sustainable carbon-negative synthetic engine oils that vastly outperform traditional petroleum lubricants. You can learn more about Evolve Lubricants’ products by clicking here: Learn More.

Evolve Lubricants is continuing its relationships with strategic dealers in the high performance automotive industry with its cutting-edge line up of racing engine oils and passenger car engine oils.


Evolve sustainable racing oils are available at our participating dealers below.

If you are interested in becoming a dealer, please contact us at [email protected]