EvoSyn non-petroleum motor oils, the renewable and high performance answer to petroleum motor oils. In the United States of America there are an estimated 273 million registered vehicles, approximately one billion worldwide, with most of these staggering numbers composed of passenger cars. With a majority of these vehicles still reliant on petroleum-based products from engine oil to transmission fluid, gear oil to even grease, we have seen the possibility to start shifting directions towards sustainability with these vehicles using our products. EvoSyn products are the next generation of lubricants.

Evolve Lubricants introduced the world’s first high-performance non-petroleum motor oils meeting and exceeding API and manufacturer requirements, with direct drop-in capability suited for passenger car engines and transmissions. Due to the novel hydrocarbon molecule design that our products are made of, we are able to afford the performance of a petroleum-based product while being completely sustainable and renewable for the first time. With the ability to produce a wide range of viscosities, including next-generation zero weight oils for maximum efficiency and performance, the transition from petroleum-based to plant-based is as simple as switching products.

Evolve Lubricants EvoSyn Non-Petroleum motor oil outperforms the leading petroleum-based motor oils

The EvoSyn complete line of passenger car motor oil products hold up and surpass existing petroleum offerings on the market due to our superior chemical engineering and research. The uniform molecular structure of the oil ensures higher performance, lower heat generation, and a wide acceptance of industry-leading additive packages. The exceptional chemical and mechanical stability allows a wide range of applications from casual driving to high-performance supercars, all while using base oils being sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable.

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