Advanced Formulations For Demanding Applications

Evolve Lubricants is the leader in advanced sustainable and renewable finished lubricants, using state-of-the-art technology and engineering in the pursuit of the ultimate green alternatives to petroleum-based lubricants. Today’s automotive manufacturers and customers demand an ever-increasing focus on efficiency, both in power and consumption, requiring motor oils designed to cope with the new requirements. Oils in the zero weight classes, such as OW-16 and OW-12, are difficult to produce using conventional petroleum base stocks but are easily met with our high performance formulations.

We have constructed finished products that exceed the performance capabilities of traditional Group IV PAOs, GTL, and Group III oils, and are renewable, sustainable, and biodegradable. These lubricants, due to their superior engineering, easily meet and exceed API certification performance requirements, allowing them to act as a direct drop-in replacement for petroleum-based lubricants for passenger and commercial fleet vehicles, as well as industrial lubricants.

Specifically Engineered

The novel plant-based hydrocarbon molecule Evolve utilizes was designed and optimized in order to outperform all current offerings in lubricants. Starting from a blank slate, the molecules were designed for a specific purpose and were developed with a specific set of goals in mind, in contrast to many conventional oils and other synthetics which are derived from crude and must be modified to meet performance standards. Evolve’s biomass base stock utilizes a genetic engineering software language to produce a molecule that is highly repeatable with class-leading low-sulfur content and high temperature high shear (HTHS) performance. These molecules boast extreme chemical and mechanical stability with the benefit of increased drain intervals and durability, vast operating temperature ranges, and increased resistance to wear and corrosion.