Evolve Lubricants Inc. is a green technology company that has developed and manufactures high-performance non-fossil sustainable lubricant solutions for the consumer, commercial, industrial and transportation sectors.

Evolve Lubricants is bringing to the global marketplace the first hydrocarbon plant-based synthetic products that outperform all petroleum-based lubricants available today. We’re dedicated to producing the most advanced high performance lubricant solutions that are 100% petroleum free, sustainable, and renewable. All Evolve products outperform traditional petroleum-based products.

  • Carbon Negative Footprint – All of Evolve’s finished lubricants use base oils with a negative CO₂ footprint
  • Rigorously Tested – Meeting and exceeding API specs for drop-in compatible products ready to replace petroleum-based finished lubricants
  • Wide Range of Applications – Available for a wide range of uses and applications

EvoSyn Non-Petroleum Motor Oil and Lubricants

Maximum protection, zero guilt. EvoSyn Non-Petroleum lubricants for automotive and industrial applications, using renewable and sustainable plant-based materials for outstanding performance.


ECORSA Motorsport Non-Petroleum Racing Oil

Ultimate performance, maximum protection. ECORSA Motorsport racing oils using non-petroleum technology to bring next generation performance to motorsport.

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High Performance Sustainability

Evolve Lubricants has designed a full lineup of high performance products that are perpetually sustainable unlike traditional petroleum.

Advanced Engineering

Explore how Evolve Lubricants is able to achieve class-leading performance through advanced technology.

Lubricant Applications

Developed for a wide range of industries and applications, Evolve Lubricants’ portfolio includes solutions for industrial use, automotive, and process oils.