Life Cycle Assessments

One of the most important aspects of any sustainable and renewable products is the processes by which they are created and being able to certify that they are truly sustainable products. With Evolve Lubricants’ certified life cycle assessments, products are tracked from cradle to gate which base oils yield a carbon-negative rating. Not only does this provide the ability to ensure that the products are sustainable, but allows for the future eligibility of carbon credit distribution to those who use these products.

These life cycle assessment results for Evolve Lubricants’ synthetic finished lubricants present significantly better environmental benefits than all other oils, both conventional and synthetic. Due to the unique characteristic of being a hydrocarbon-based product but synthesized from sustainable and renewable plant-based feedstock, our finished lubricant’s base oil life cycle assessment can achieve negative carbon footprint results.

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Helping Bring Sustainability To Individuals & Companies

Environmental, social, and governance concerns are important to corporate strategy and global societal objectives. Policies and mandates established by governments in the U.S., U.K., EU, Australia, and Japan are now receiving serious attention.

People today are increasingly aware of ESG criteria and the environmental impacts that products cause. Having suitable solutions to reach the goal of decarbonization and sustainability is now universally accepted and expected.

Evolve’s product line will allow companies to move towards a more sustainable future. We are delighted to help others reach their varying goals of decarbonization and performance with sustainability through:

  • Next-generation engineering that outperforms traditional petroleum products
  • Ultra-efficient oil viscosities for reduced fuel consumption and increased durability in all types of engines
  • Wide range of lubricant options from industrial applications to passenger cars
  • API certification for seamless drop-in replacement of petroleum products
  • Capable of meeting a wide range of manufacturer specifications
  • Life cycle assessments certifying products sustainability for carbon credit eligibility
  • Reducing carbon footprint and dependency on petroleum

We are manufacturing the next generation of lubricants, dedicated to better performance, bringing a brighter future and better environment for all through sustainable practices. With skyrocketing global demand for protecting the world around us, we thrive on the opportunity to bring products to different sectors that will directly benefit the environments in which we all live.

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