High Performance Renewable Small Engine Oils

sustainable small engine oil

Benefits Of Non-Petroleum Small Engine Oils

  • Top-tier synthetic performance
  • Increased drain intervals, from 2x and longer
  • Longer engine and component life for better ROI
  • Complete compatibility – drop-in ready
  • Fuel efficiency gains
  • Immediate ESG solution for small engine equipment fleets
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Increased Engine Life

EvoSyn™ Non-Petroleum engine oils for small engines represent the latest in engine oil technology for small engine equipment fleets. Keeping track of maintenance on small pieces of equipment can be challenging, especially without the use of hour meters, resulting in many pieces of equipment falling by the wayside in terms of regular servicing. Evolve Lubricants, Inc. saw the opportunity to build a better solution for the tool rental industry, allowing for highly extended oil drain intervals and increased engine and component life with EvoSyn™ Non-Petroleum Engine Oils. With these renewable and sustainable engine oils, rental fleets can become more sustainable while reaching ESG goals, and improving ROI with a reduced total cost of ownership.

non petroleum small engine oil
EvoSyn™ Non-Petroleum Small 4-Stroke Engine Oils Allow For Increased Oil Drain Intervals For Increased Equipment Uptime
non petroleum small engine oil

Increased Performance

EvoSyn™ Non-Petroleum engine oils were first introduced into high-performance automotive applications, meeting and exceeding OEM performance specifications through extensive testing. Due to the novel renewable hydrocarbon molecule design that EvoSyn™ engine oils are created from, lubricant performance surpasses petroleum-based lubricants while being derived from plant biomass. These renewable hydrocarbons have exceptional mechanical and chemical stability, allowing for oil change intervals starting at 2x and extending to as far as 10x. With some applications approaching fill-for-life, EvoSyn™ Non-Petroleum engine oils are creating a compelling ROI story with the benefit of being renewable and sustainable.

Seamless Transition

The transition from petroleum-based products to plant-derived has never been simpler: all EvoSyn™ products are drop-in replacements with complete compatibility. No extra steps are needed to go green while converting fleets to reach ESG goals. Maintenance is as simple as before, with the added benefit of increased oil drain intervals, helping save fleets labor hours and overall consumption costs while offering increased engine and component life and reduced total cost of ownership.

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