High Performance Without Petroleum

Evolve Lubricants, Inc. is unlike any other oil company on the planet. While many other manufacturers continue down the road of using petroleum in their products, Evolve saw a different approach to better performance and sustainability. As technology improved and brought new capabilities to the forefront, the reality of using alternative sustainable and renewable materials as much as possible instead of petroleum became more and more apparent. Evolve Lubricants’ products and performance are unlike any other in the world: non-petroleum.

Evolve Lubricants’ focus on creating lubricants with non-petroleum technology is emphasized with the green “non-petroleum” bar on each of its products. Unheard of within the lubricant industry, Evolve was able to take the leap and produce finished lubricants that are composed of primarily sustainable renewable plant-based base oils while outperforming petroleum-based products.

Make the Switch To Non-Petroleum Today

High Performance Renewable Feed Stock

Evolve utilizes technology that created a ground-breaking molecule, a unique hydrocarbon entirely based on plant-based feedstocks. This base stock surpasses the high-performance characteristics of a high-quality petroleum product without having to rely on petroleum. The process also allows these oils to meet numerous API SN, ILSAC GF-6A and B, and other OEM requirements for durability and longevity in a variety of engines and components.

Due to the extremely stable nature of the molecule used, chemical and mechanical stability are vastly improved which yields a higher-performing product with longer service life. This provides an ability to be used in high-stress environments such as racing, extreme hydraulic systems, and other demanding industrial applications. Evolve Lubricants saw this as an opportunity to depart from aging traditional petroleum technology and provide high-performing lubricants for a wide range of industries with a sustainable non-fossil renewable product line.

ESG Goals & Sustainability
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