High Performance Renewable Diesel Engine Oils

renewable diesel oil

Are You Using Renewable Diesel In Your Fleets?

Close the carbon loop today with renewable EvoSyn™ Industrial Non-Petroleum engine oils.

  • Helping close the carbon loop and reaching sustainability goals
  • Increased fuel efficiency – to 4% gains
  • Extended oil drain intervals for less oil consumption
  • Meets and exceeds OEM performance requirements
  • Renewable high-performance synthetic hydrocarbon technology
  • Drop-in replacement for existing engine oils
Make The Switch Today

Industrial Diesel

EvoSyn™ Industrial Non-Petroleum Engine Oils are Evolve Lubricants, Inc.’s answer to the heavy-duty industry’s increasing demands for performance and sustainability. As petroleum technology for engine oils plateau and lack substantial innovation, Evolve Lubricants, Inc. has created a better solution for industries utilizing heavy-duty diesel engines. Advanced non-petroleum technology allows for longer drain intervals, increased fuel mileage, and increased component life that returns a greater ROI while meeting and exceeding API CK-4, API FA-4, and other OEM manufacturer requirements. The amount of petroleum engine oils consumed annually that can be easily replaced with non-petroleum engine oils is an unavoidable discussion in the quest for meeting ESG goals.

industrial lubricant sustainable oil
EvoSyn™ Industrial Engine Oils allow for a greater ROI for heavy duty diesel applications while helping reach sustainability goals
sustainable industrial oil
EvoSyn™ Industrial Non-Petroleum Engine Oils are able to help fleets in both off-road and on-road applications with drop-in solutions

Heavy Duty Diesel

With greater performance, direct drop-in capability, and complete compatibility, EvoSyn™ Industrial Non-Petroleum Engine Oils allow companies and users to help make the binary switch to choose non-petroleum lubricants. Due to the novel hydrocarbon molecule design derived from plant biomass that makes up EvoSyn™ Industrial Non-Petroleum Engine Oils, performance is greater than petroleum-based products while being sustainable and renewable for the first time. These oils are created specifically for heavy-duty diesel applications, including semi-truck fleets, agriculture, construction, and anywhere where diesel engines are utilized.

Evolve Lubricants, Inc. Engine Oil Analysis

Evolve Lubricants, Inc. has the capability for engine oil analysis for fleets. This allows for insights into the condition of your equipment that is simple to perform and cost-effective.

  • Comprehensive oil analysis testing showing a wide range of elements
  • Simple and effective sampling method for small to large fleets
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