ECORSA Motorsport 20W-50 Non-Petroleum Racing Oil



High performance non-petroleum racing oil with proprietary horsepower-increased additive packages. Suitable for cars requiring 20W-50 viscosity. 12/1-quart bottles per case, 3-gallons total.

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ECORSA Motorsport non-petroleum racing motor oil is the most advanced racing lubrication available for cars today. Comprised of highly specific hydrocarbon molecules based from plant biomass, along with a host of proprietary additives for decreased wear and increased performance, ECORSA Motorsport helps boost horsepower and torque while increasing longevity.

With a class-leading amount of specific anti-wear additives including zinc, phosphorus, and calcium, paired with the non-petroleum hydrocarbon technology that is exclusive to ECORSA Motorsport, your engine will see its maximum protection while performing at its peak.

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