Developing High Performance Sustainable Lubricants

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Evolve Lubricants Inc. is a green technology company that has developed and manufactures high performance non-fossil sustainable lubricant solutions for the consumer, commercial, industrial and transportation sectors.

Evolve Lubricants is bringing to the global marketplace the first hydrocarbon plant-based synthetic products that outperform all petroleum-based lubricants available today. We’re dedicated to producing the most advanced high performance lubricant solutions that are 100% petroleum free, sustainable, and renewable. All Evolve products outperform traditional petroleum-based products.

  • Carbon Negative Footprint – All of Evolve’s finished lubricants use base oils with a negative CO₂ footprint

  • Rigorously Tested – Meeting and exceeding API specs for drop-in compatible products ready to replace petroleum-based finished lubricants

  • Wide Range of Applications – Available for a wide range of uses and applications

High Performance Sustainability

Evolve Lubricants has designed a full lineup of high performance products that are perpetually sustainable with zero negative environmental effects unlike traditional petroleum.

API Performance Requirements

Evolve Lubricants’ solutions are rigorously tested and meet the performance requirements of the widely-respected API while meeting manufacturer specifications, ensuring a trouble-free transition from petroleum-based products to sustainable ones.

Lubricant Applications

Developed for a wide range of industries and applications, Evolve Lubricants’ portfolio includes solutions for industrial use, automotive, and process oils.

Advanced Engineering

Evolve Lubricants’ products are designed and formulated to be perpetually sustainable and renewable, retaining performance characteristics of high-end petroleum but with zero negative environmental effects unlike traditional petroleum.

“Our next generation of synthetic hydrocarbon-based sustainable finished lubricants outperform current ester-based biodegradable offerings, and will undoubtably change the world for the better. With the performance and reliability that we are able to achieve from our advanced plant-based feed stock finished lubricants, we envision that traditional petroleum-based lubricants will eventually become things of the past.”

RICHARD LEE, CEO & President

Trusted Partners

The founders of Evolve Lubricants have cultivated strategic relationships and partnerships over many years with important lubricant companies and individuals in various capacities throughout the industry. This has allowed Evolve Lubricants to take advantage of a number of competitive edges including formulating, real-world testing, packaging, and many others.